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When ancient rites must be preserved, who will protect them?

About the Guardian

The Guardian is about a Maori woman named Maia. Maia is a warrior skilled in the ancient martial art of Maori weaponry entrusted with the role of a guardian.

The story draws on the mythology of the Maori culture. There is a universality about the story that appeals to the human need to belong and understand the mysteries of the world.

The migrations of Maori across the Pacific are some of the greatest journeys of any civilization. Where did they come from? And why did they travel so far?




The Guardian Game

The Guardian story is being adapted into a video game. This game will showcase our unique cultural identity in New Zealand and highlight beautiful regions of our country in a contemporary and original story across popular platforms.

This is a journey that will take the player into a world of mystery and empending mayhem while discovering the truth behind an ancient secret.

Game Specs Genre - 3rd person action adventure with strong fighting overtones

Perspective - 3rd person view

Target Audience - Players that enjoy action adventure games

Game Rating - 12+ animated violence Platforms - PC, PS3.

Additional Information

The unique Maori culture has emerged onto the world stage. Today Maori tattoo and imagery is copied by entertainment stars. The Haka is recognised internationally and Maori icons are being used more frequently in promoting brand recognition.

Our unique position in the world along with our native Maori culture provides the beautiful and mystical background for this story

The Guardian is a work in progress and we are currently investigating developing this license across other media platforms. Interested funders are welcome to inquire.

To request more information contact info@metia.co.nz.

Mauri ora.

The meaning of the name 'Maia' in Maori - bravery, courage, confidence.